Where can I buy tickets?

Advance ticket sales are available each year, typically starting in early-May. Please check back for updates as to when and where tickets can be purchased. In order to reserve your tickets, full payment must be made at the time of booking. All sales are final: no refunds or exchanges

Ticket Prices:

In Advance:
Adults $15
Children* (10 and under) $8
Students and Seniors (65+) $12
Family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children under 10) $38

At the Dock:
Adults $18
Children* (10 and under) $10
Students and Seniors (65+) $15
Family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children under 10) $40

I am not sure which day I will be able to go, can I use my ticket for any day?

Unfortunately no, tickets are numbered and specific to each day of the event. Because of the planning and organization that goes into this event we need to know how many people to expect to feed each day and therefore tickets must be purchased for a specific day. Since the tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, please be certain that you are purchasing your tickets for the day you intend to come.

Can I buy tickets at the dock?

Tickets will be pre-sold. Due to the nature of the event there is a limit on the number of breakfasts that can be served each day and in order at accommodate as many people as possible it is best to purchase your ticket ahead of time so that the organizers know how many people they will be cooking for each day.

However, if the event is not sold-out, remaining tickets will be available for purchase at the dock prior to boarding (cash only).

What forms of payment do you accept?

Advance ticket purchases will have more payment options. If you are purchasing your ticket at the dock (please see the above question) sales will be cash only, and exact change is appreciated.

When is the last shuttle to the island?

Boat shuttles will be provided by our gracious shuttle sponsors starting at 7:30am to take people to the island and running until 10:00am to return your to the mainland. The boats hold 10-15 people each and will be running in a constant loop taking people to and from the island. There is no exact time for “last shuttle” but please be advised that if you cut it too close you may not get breakfast once you get there!

When is the last shuttle back to the mainland?

The last breakfast will be served at 10:00am and you are encouraged to start heading back to shore just after that. Shuttles will continue until everyone is off of island, which should be by approximately 10:30am

Where do I park?

Parking is available at the overflow parking, grassy area, just across from the park on the north side of King street in the grassy lot. Crossing guards will be on hand to help you cross the street safely and golf carts will be available to take you to the dock.

Where is the dock located to get on a shuttle boat?

The docks we will be be using in St. Lawrence Park are found where the scuba divers, kayakers, and dive boats regularly have access. By entering the park through the main entrance you can get to these docks by following the pathway straight down to the waterfront. There is a large picnic pavilion at the top of the hill overlooking the waterfront and the docks are on the other side at the base of the hill. There will also be signage as you enter the park and event volunteers in the park to assist you.

Do I need to bring my own life jacket?

No, the shuttle boats are equipped with enough life jackets for all passengers. However, if you are bringing a child 5 and under it is recommended that you bring your own life jacket for them. The shuttles have enough adult-sized life jackets for those on board, but children’s sizes are limited.

Can I bring a stroller for my child?

We don’t recommend bringing a stroller with you. The dock on the island is a floating dock which can get a bit tippy, and the island itself is rocky and uneven, which makes pushing a stroller difficult. Depending on which boat you end up in, it can also be difficult to get your stroller in and out of the boats.

If you have a collapsible stroller that you want to set up beside your picnic table to place your child in while you eat, that would probably be the best option to bring over.

I am not very steady on my feet, will I be able to get to the island?

Depending on the level of assistance you require, this may or may not be the event for you. While we make every effort to assist those that need it, please keep in mind that you should be able to get in an out of a boat with minor assistance, and that the dock on the island rocks back and forth as you walk on it, especially with a lot of people getting in and out of a boat at once. The island itself is also quite rocky and uneven, and slippery when wet. Please keep these thoughts in mind when making a decision to purchase event tickets.

Is there a washroom on the island?

There is an outhouse on the island and washroom facilities in St. Lawrence Park prior to catching a boat over.

I have my own boat, can I dock on the island? Do I get a discount on my ticket for taking my own transportation?

Please keep in mind before boating to the island that most of the dock space is reserved for the event shuttles, greatly reducing the amount of dock space usually available on Refugee Island. Even if you have your own boat, we recommending taking the supplied shuttle from St. Lawrence Park.

The ticket price is an inclusive price for the breakfast with funds being raised for a permanent picnic pavilion to be built on Refugee Island; no further discounts are available.

It looks like it is going to rain on the day I purchased by ticket for, can I exchange it for a different day?

The event will go on rain or shine and due to the level of organizing and planning that goes into the event, no exchanges or refunds can be given for any reason. Tickets must be used for the day that they are purchased.

Is the breakfast gluten-free?

Unfortunately we are not able to meet any dietary restrictions.

I don’t want breakfast but I would like to visit the island, do I need a ticket?

Yes, only ticket holders will be allowed to board the shuttle boats to the island. If you do not wish to eat breakfast we hope that you will enjoy your ride over and your time on the island, and please know that your money will be going towards a permanent pavilion on the island so that  even more people can visit and enjoy this beautiful island.

Is the breakfast buffet-style?

No. While your servers are quite liberal with dishing out your breakfast, please respect that there are many more people to feed in line behind you. We determine how much food to bring out to the island based on pre-sale of tickets, and we certainly don’t want to run out of food for those who come at the end of the day. One plate of food per ticket holder please, no matter how good the bacon is! Seconds are available for $5 cash.

Can I bring my dog to the island?

No you cannot. Service animals are welcome but pets are not, the boats and eating areas can get crowded and we can’t be taking up space with dogs. not to mention the smell of bacon in the air could be temping!

Last year I saw people with cool event t-shirts, where can I get one?

In our first year we thought we would try out event tees to see if anyone would be interested, and they were a hit! Many of the sizes and colours were sold out after the first day so we will be sure to have more for next year.

You can also score yourself a free breakfast and t-shirt by volunteering at the event. Please visit our volunteer page for details.

What is an “Island Friend”?

For individuals who wish to help contribute financially towards the event and the building of a permanent structure on Refugee Island, the Island Friend is a level of sponsorship that with a $50 donation you receive:

  • 1 complimentary breakfast ticket
  • Recognition on the sponsor page of our website showcasing your support

Please visit our Sponsorship page to find out how you or your business can help to support this great event.